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Accidental Project Managers: Who They Are and What Tools They Need
There are plenty of employees that, aside from being expected to deliver stellar results in their fields of expertise, are also given the task of managing projects. This frequently happens in marketing, PR, education, consulting, IT, professional services, and even the public sector. Unfortunately, not all field experts are trained project managers and are hence called accidental project managers.

Evaluating the Actual ROI of New Software Implementation

Implementing tools and software rollouts to improve business and IT processes is a risky move, both financially and organizationally. Such implementations, when not considered with diligence and meticulous care, frequently end up providing the opposite of what management initially expects.

Case in point is the recent IT implementation problem that caused Philippine fast food chain juggernaut Jollibee, McDonalds’ top competitor and with thriving branches in the USA and other countries, to halt operations in 72 stores in Metro Manila. This botched IT upgrade, a supposed 0.5-billion peso (around $11.37 million) project, resulted to lost sales of 6% for just the seven days of August, which, in Jollibee’s 2013 revenue terms, is equal to roughly 92 million pesos.

Comindware Honored as most Innovative Tech Company of the year in the 2014 American Business Awards

October 7, 2014 – Comindware (, a leading provider of innovative Work Management solutions has received the Silver Stevie Award for “Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year” at the 12th Annual American Business Awards. The results have been announced at the gala banquet in San Francisco, California at the InterContinental San Francisco Hotel.

Project Management: Striking the Right Balance Between Human Capital and Software

When managing a project, it is normally expected that all processes and activities essential to the completion of a project are completed on time and within budget. It is, more often than not, the “on time” and “on budget” parts that identify success in project management.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) defines project management as “the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently.” To ensure this success and aptly consider yourself an effective project manager, should you manage and execute every little detail of the project management plan yourself?

Business Process Improvement: Putting Individuals at the Core

The more complex the process, the lesser the chances of achieving high-performing results, as individual efficiency is inversely proportional to process complexity. The reason for the increasingly growing complexity is simple: Businesses are becoming more and more dynamic, and operations such as helpdesk management, invoicing and customer relations are becoming less predictive, making it extremely challenging to foresee the next set of steps and efficiently model or create a process template. Traditional BPM (business process management) solutions are, at best, restrictive, and continuing to rely on them for constantly evolving process rules can be a risky business move.
Let us delve into some of the more critical business processes:

Comindware Project on iPad is named by KMWorld a 2014 Trend-Setting Product

Comindware ( – a leading provider of products and services for predictive Project Management and adaptive Business Process Management, announced that Comindware Project on iPad, has been named by KMWorld, The 2014 Trend-Setting Product for demonstrating a clearly identifiable technology breakthrough that serves the vendor’s full spectrum of constituencies.

Comindware Project extends project management capabilities to external users and contractors.

Comindware® ( – a leading provider of products and services for predictive Project Management and adaptive Business Process Management extends the functionality of its innovative project management solution – Comindware Project – to enable project management for external users and contractors.

Comindware Project empowers companies with an innovative Project Management technology to dramatically simplify planning for Project Managers and enable effective execution and collaboration for project teams.

Comindware Complements Its Revolutionary Business Process Management Product Comindware Tracker With Per-field Security and Parallel Workflows

Comindware® ( – a leading provider of products and services for predictive Project Management and adaptive Business Process Management – further extends the functionality of its flagship product Comindware Tracker® with per-field security control and parallel workflow.

Project Management in the Cloud: Essential Considerations When Migrating
There’s a whole host of reasons why businesses turn to cloud-based tools for their operational needs. Improved productivity, lower expenses, real-time team collaboration, resilience, ease of use and accessibility are among the more popular. It’s no surprise that project management in the cloud is becoming popular as well.
Project Management Gantt Chart and the Visualization Advantages of Comindware Project

People learn three ways – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. But by far, according to a Forbes article, “the most important part of our brains taking in new stimuli is visual.” Here’s one example that clearly illustrates this point: Between an infographic and a large block of text, the former is far easier to digest. This is also one of the reasons behind the use of visual tools in project management software, e.g., the project management Gantt chart.

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