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Essential Characteristics of Effective Cloud-Based Project Collaboration Tools

Cloud-based collaboration tools are becoming more and more popular. From instant messaging to file and document management, from video conferencing to remote access, from collaborative mind-mapping to knowledge sharing, and everything in between, there’s most possibly a cloud-based app you can try. The popularity of cloud-based collaboration tools isn’t unfounded, particularly if your business is unable to keep up with the demands (infrastructure, talent, server maintenance and upkeep, etc.) of an on-premise server deployment to power your collaboration needs.

Project Management Solutions – Adaptive or Predictive?

Agile is a powerful word, a methodology that has proven to be quite a success that sometimes, when people hear it, they think it’s a magic project management solution or formula that’s going to wipe away all their process and project management woes for good.

0% of companies have optimized processes (Gartner)

By saying ‘optimized processes’, Gartner explains that this means a sufficiently high level of BPM maturity that results in a situation where ‘enterprise business outcomes consistently meet forecasts’.

Creating a SharePoint Help Desk Workflow: Is There an Alternative to Costly Coding Experts?

Dealing with massive amounts of requests is an everyday occurrence for most businesses, be those from employees, vendor partners, customers and other stakeholders. Creating a SharePoint help desk system to deal with all these requests, however, isn’t always easy. While SharePoint is a useful software right out of the box, one major challenge SharePoint users have to contend with is the needed technical expertise to align the software’s functionalities with that of the company’s unique business needs.

Distributed Teams: Making the Case for Online Collaboration Tools

Whether they’re across the globe, country, locality, or floors in the same building, more and more companies are relying on the efforts of distributed teams. This is one of several reasons why online project collaboration tools are being widely used today. Online project collaboration tools are more manageable, highly deployable, support cross-platform compatibility and mobility, among others, for a fraction of the amount most businesses spend to keep and maintain an on-premise server.

Paralyzed by Business Systems? – How to Gain Vital Flexibility.

Did you know that an alarming 0% of organizations have the BPM level of maturity when they can fully use optimized process? At this level, optimized processes would lead to profitability when ‘enterprise business outcomes consistently meet forecasts, as Gartner estimates’ yet no one still has achieved this. Why does this occur? First of all, because gaining this maturity turns out to be costly and time consuming due to the rigidity of the existing BPM systems. Yet it is just a matter of the right approach to BPM adaptability, which helps find the exit from this impasse.

Holistic Management Approach – Process Management System in Action

If you don’t know what’s going on in your department or your company right now, you are trying to manage a ‘blind system’. Even process automation doesn’t give you enough insight into daily company activity in this case. The holistic approach is a combination of tools you can put together around your automated processes to gain visibility. Here is what you can do:

Social Task Management, Collaboration and Seamless Execution: How Comindware Tracker Ties Them All Together

Back in the day when social task management tools were unheard of, managers scheduled team meetings to distribute tasks and/or check members’ task statuses. Meetings were also required to discuss task execution challenges and brainstorm ways to ensure effective task management. Progress reports were then sent as a spreadsheet, or some other file type, via the company’s internal shared drive or through email.

Collaboration Tools for Business and the Role They Play in Crisis Management

When handling company crises, versatility is the name of the game. Versatility means flexibility, and flexibility in critical business situations entails effective communication among involved parties – staff on the ground, management, and support personnel. Needless to say, your collaboration tools for business can play an essential role in overcoming trying business circumstances.

Personal Task Management Software: When Getting Personal Means Getting the Business Side of Things Done

There’s Springpad. There’s Evernote. There’s Google Tasks and TeuxDeux. There’s a ton of personal task management software to choose from out there – perhaps hundreds, if not thousands – and depending on whom you’re asking, one is significantly better than the other. But “personal” being the operative word, one is inclined to ask, what does a personal task management software have to do with team-based tasks and enterprise-wide projects?

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