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How to beat project scheduling problems

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Harrin of A Girl’s Guide To Project Management.

Putting together a project schedule is one of the most important tasks for a project manager. It’s also very easy to get caught out! Here are some scheduling problems and how you can beat them.

7 Key Ingredients to Successful Project Execution and Completion

Spearheading a project isn’t a walk in the park. You would be responsible for its planning, execution and completion, as well as the aggregation of separate tasks by teams and individuals into a cohesive whole. Grace under pressure is always an essential, but below are seven other key ingredients to lead a project to success:

How to Manage Multiple Projects – 5 Things You Need
Managing any project can be tricky. Your job as the manager is to ensure each moving part is working towards a common goal, and diminish, if not completely eliminate, unnecessary processes that merely waste resources. Delegation is a necessity, and in order to be an effective manager, you need to understand the project inside out, and from different perspectives, i.e., from the perspectives of your team members, because this is how you gain their respect and loyalty.

This being the case, it is fair to say that managing multiple projects across different teams, all at once, is exponentially trickier. But it can be done and has been done. We list five things on how to manage effectively multiple projects simultaneously.

5 Basic Tips for Better and Smarter Project Management
If project management is a process that helps us achieve our goals through proper planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling, the smart way is to do it in a manner that optimizes available resources while effectively integrating them to produce desired results.

Comindware presents its revolutionary solutions for Higher Education at the 20th Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference
Comindware, a leading provider of products and services for predictive Project Management and adaptive Business Process Management took part in the 20th Annual Online Learning Consortium

International Conference. The Conference is a premier forum for Online Learning and continues to expand and play a strategic role in innovation and improvement of higher education. The conference provided the unique opportunity for Comindware representatives to explore the rich variety of models for institutions, and a wide range of opportunities for faculty, staff and administrations.

Managing dynamic permissions in Comindware Tracker

Managing complex workflows that involve people from different teams, departments and even locations often introduces unique challenges in the context of grouping and isolating your requests from each other dynamically, based on the request type, current workflow step and/or other data points. If you have hundreds of requests fired off to your team every day, you may need to have specific people supervise requests of different types.

The Future of Integrated PM Solutions
Project management (PM) has always been about accomplishing a goal within a constraint, or a set of goals within a set of constraints. And while the core theory hasn’t changed, the route businesses travel between point A and point B is experiencing a dramatic shift.

Change Management 101: Ensuring Project Management Software Adoption
So you’ve decided that your organization has reached a point where a project management software is a necessity and is ready to invest the time, money, and effort to implement it. Planning doesn’t always equal reality, as the looming question of adoption is a normal hurdle for management to clear.

According to Pinnacle Enterprise Management Specialists, adoption is a real challenge in implementing project management solutions. Will the workforce use the tool dependably? How long will it take before they’re truly adept at operating the software? Will it end up unused and gathering dust after all the time and money invested in it?

Making Project Managers’ Lives Easier and More Productive Through Automation
Project management is a continuous struggle for balance between time, cost and quality. It’s no wonder why project managers want to make things more efficient and effective as possible.

Some may think manually creating a project plan is easy, since it’s formulaic. But if you ask any project manager, that isn’t necessarily always the case. There are routine processes that can be done without much thinking, yes, and this is where the opportunity for more time savings actually lies, as a good number of project management tasks and activities are routine in nature.

Comindware releases the extended version of Comindware Project now enabling project copying and archiving while enhancing user experience

Comindware® ( – a leading provider of products and services for predictive Project Management and adaptive Business Process Management extends the functionality of its innovative project management solution – Comindware Project – to further support work with multiple projects.

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